Thursday, June 25, 2015

Two Weeks

Not the best picture but our little man is two weeks old today.
Last time I'll ever have a two week old, how does it go by so fast!?

King of the Babies!

 J.R. made Gabriel a crown that says "King," and has declared him "King of the Babies!"

I'm so so happy they have each other.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gabe's 1st Bath

 Now that Gabriel's umbilical cord fell off it was time for his first bath! The kids were so excited to help tonight! Especially big sister Lena.

Seriously, he's so perfect!

Papa & His Girls

 On Father's Day, my sister posted this photo of us and my Dad from way back when.  I noticed that my girls look an awful lot like the little girls in the photo (at least from the back)  and thought it would be perfect to recreate since my dad was with us.

What I came up with.

I think in the original I am about 4.5 and Kari is only 2, and in my picture Adelyn is 7 and Lena is 3, but it's close enough.  We're the luckiest girls ever to have Papa (including Nana, and our sister in laws and other nieces.)

Gabriel's Baby Blessing

Gabriel was blessed in church on Sunday, June 21st, by his Papa, Keith Griffiths.  It was a lovely blessing and I'm grateful that my dad and mom were here to do it with us.  Gabe wore the same blessing outfit that his big brother, J.R., wore for his blessing day almost six years ago and also used the beautiful blue and white blanket my mom crocheted.

Proud big siblings!

 Sweet brothers.

 When we got home from church, we discovered that Gabriel's umbilical cord stump had fallen off.  Cutest little belly button I ever did see.

Jacob & Julie Passing Through

On June 20th, Jacob and his family were driving through on their way to visit Julie's family in Pennsylvania.  So we were lucky enough that they could spend the night with us before continuing on their way.  The kids absolutely loved getting to see their cousins, and we're so happy they got to meet our new baby!

One Week Old

 Gabriel turned one week old on June 18th!  He's been such a chill baby.  We love him and his grumpy old man faces so much.

 He's so cute! Am I right? Or am I right?

Fun with Nana & Papa

 Papa flew in about a week and a half after Nana to meet the baby and go adventuring with the big kids while me and Gabriel got situated and rested at home.  The kids had a list of things they wanted to do while Nana and Papa were here and I think they were able to check every thing off the list.

 First stop was the park, specifically Caboose Park.  When I take the kids to the park, its usually my time to relax while they get their crazy energy out, but Papa is the best park friend and will play with the kids the whole time. So they love it when he's around.

 Gabe's first trip to the park!

 We also ate lunch and got ice cream at our favorite local place, Gardner's Frozen Treats & Grill.

We went to the Duck Pond at Virginia Tech again, and fed so many ducks.


 Gabe's first trip to the Duck Pond!

 Movie Theater to see "Inside Out."  It was so cute! Totally made me cry and wonder if the reason I don't remember my imaginary friend is because he sacrificed himself for me too. :) Gabriel's first movie!

 Splash Valley Waterpark in Roanoke. Gabe and I sat this one out.

 Virginia Safari Park, probably our last time, oh how we have loved this place!

 Gabriel's first trip to the Safari Park!

 Bouncing at the superbounce thing at the mall, while Mommy gets a new nursing bra.  Lena is turning out to be our brave kid, she was the first one to take a turn! For some reason I can't find a picture or video of Adelyn's turn.

 Dropping Nana & Papa off at the airport on June 23rd.  Always a sad day knowing I'm on my own again.

They/We did a bunch of other things too, but didn't get pictures. And Papa helped me finish a bunch of my house projects too.  We love it so much when they come to visit, especially when it's to meet a new family member!